Papers Presented



Stephen Diang’a (Kenya) - Community based upgrading of informal settlements for rental housing: The case of Mathare 4A, Nairobi, Kenya.

Dawah Magembe-Mushi (Tanzania) - Resettling displaced residents from regularized settlements in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania: The case of Community Infrastructure Upgrading Program (CIUP)

Grace Cheserek, P. Syagga, W.O. Olima (Kenya) - Strategic planning for urban sustainable development: Challenges and opportunities facing selected towns in Kenya.

Celia Way, Emilia Melville, Joanne Beale, Zareen Sethna (UK) - Approaches to sustainability in the global south: Sharing lessons on sustainable water systems.

Adrien Mazeau, Rebecca Scott, Benedict Tuffuor (UK) - Sanitation - a neglected essential service in the unregulated urban expansion of Ashaiman, Ghana.


Dirk Donath (Ethiopia) - Experimental prototypes for emerging housing constructions in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Tunji Adejumo (Nigeria) - Landscape planning: A bioregional conservation tool in Lower Ogun River Basin

Clive Richards, Tina Muwanga (South Africa) - “The art of city building” issues and practice in East Africa

Graham Young (South Africa)  - Leading With Landscape: A regenerative strategy for Johannesburg’s inner city.

Tomà Berlanda (Rwanda)  - Umujyi: Cities and human settlements in Rwanda.


Alex Ndibwami (Uganda) - Lost opportunities and emerging possibilities:  The place for collaboration in the built environment.

Susanne Gampfer (Germany) - Reality design and slow prototyping as methods in sustainability education.

Terry Williamson, David Jones, Susan Shannon, Tony Radford (Australia) - As if the future matters: Teaching design for sustainable communities.

Michael Adegbile (Nigeria) - Nigerian architectural education in a sustainable age.

Garret Gantner (Rwanda) - Hands, eyes and feet: Approaches to an architectural education.


Whitley Esteban, Aimee P.C. Buccellato (USA) - Building tomorrow: A sustainable future starts in the classroom.

Michael Garrison (USA) - Impact design: A sustainable design process for primary schools in Africa.

Joseph Dahmen (Canada) - Engaged collaboration in the design for the Open University of West Africa.

Nina Hamilton (Uganda) - Post-disaster shelter: A studio based response to emergency shelter in natural disaster zones.


Michael Adegbile (Nigeria) - Development of a green building rating system for Nigeria.

Farizan d’Avezac de Moran (Singapore) - Maximizing the benefits of green building while reducing the risks and cost of green building accreditation.

Karim Ayyad, Mostafa Gabr (Egypt) - Green building codes in Egypt.

Ejiga Opaluwa, Okedele S. Olaniyi (Nigeria) - The Use of the clean development mechanism (CDM) tool to improve development in Africa.

Andrea Brown (Canada) Uganda’s new urban policy: Poverty and sustainability.


Nthiwa Carolyne Wanza, Mugwima B. Njuguna (Kenya) - Designing for sustainability in cultural landscapes (The Kaya Kinondo Forest of the Mijikenda Community, Kenya).

Sampson Umenne, Victor Chirwa (Namibia) - Culture and environment as generators of sustainable design: The case of Hoachanas village, Hardap Region, Namibia.

Karim Ayyad, Mostafa Gabr (Egypt) - Green globalization as an approach for sustainable development in the developing world.

Georgia Cardosi (Italy) - The role of design in urban transformations: Towards a sustainable integration of informal settlements in the urban context. Case-study Toi market, Kibera-Nairobi, Kenya.

Aloysius Byaruhanga, Leonard Ssozi (Uganda) - The impact of population growth on the ecosystems and biodiversity of Kampala city: Lessons for sustainable urban development.


Karim Ayyad, Mostafa Gabr (Egypt) - Social influence on architectural styles and arts in Egypt 1952-2012.

Ejiga Opaluwa, Paul Obi, Cordelia Osasona (Nigeria) - Sustainability in traditional African architecture: A springboard for sustainable urban cities.

Fathi Bashier (Sudan) - Heritage and modern regionalism in Khartoum.

Adetokunbo Ilesanmi (Nigeria)  - The roots and fruits of gated communities in Lagos, Nigeria: Sustainability or segregation?

Timothy Reidy (USA) - From Africa to Alaska: A case study of culturallysensitive and environmentally friendly designs in polar-opposite regions of the world.

Astrid Weisel (Germany)  - Sustainable urbanism in rural growth regions – Case study Rwanda.

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